Tuesday, November 8, 2011

October/November Updates (Shitlist)

I haven't had the time in the past couple weeks to update this place due to a busy schedule and the harsh realities of life. However, I just wanted to let everybody know that I am still on the grind! So just because you aren't seeing new pieces everyday, doesn't mean I'm not working on anything. September and October were extremely hectic months with a bunch of new projects to work on and much more school work. I will start off this update by saying if you haven't gotten your copy of Shitlist's Self-Titled cassette release that my dudes at Blackheart Mountain Collective put out, then you are definitely missing out. Nothing is better than some good, hearty, wholesome, and pissed off grind. All of these guys are my good friends as well, so doing the illustration and layout for this release was an honor. There is another page on the back of the cover but you'll have to buy the tape to peep it!


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