Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Art Swap with Rebecca Stockert!

Every once in awhile an awesome local artist comes around with work that I really need to obtain. I had a printmaking class with Rebecca Stockert last semester and I got to witness her making her work first hand. Her work consists of picture-perfect oil paintings, gritty etchings and lithographs, along with a great sculptor's eye. If you haven't checked out any of Beckie's work, you can peep it here:


Recently, I traded one of my paintings from the 2011 Student Show "Red Eye" for her four amazing screen-printed set "Hannibal Lector Porn Theatre" which won her some $$$ from Artlink during the National Print Exhibition. She was kind enough to send me photos of what my piece looked like in her house so I figured I would return the favor!

"Hannibal Lector Porn Theatre" in my apt:

"Red Eye" in Beckie's crib:


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Commissioned Painting

For the past couple months I have been slowly working on a painting for an old friend from high school. John Benson is a West Point graduate and is currently a platoon leader for the United States Army out of Steilacoom, Washington. John got a hold of me a couple months ago to arrange a commissioned painting with a certain theme attached to it. The painting is about a cleansing and a redemption of humanity through complete eradication. The figure looms over a world that has been raped and drained of all it's beauty and the result will be a clean slate. I was so excited to hear that he wanted a painting with this kind of content and even more pumped to be doing a piece for someone that wanted my style. It is always a breath of fresh air when somebody doesn't tell you what they want you to paint or how they want it to look. John just came to me with the theme and basically said, "go nuts!" He's the man.

Pushing Up the Flowers
Acrylic, Marker, Aerosol

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sweet Tooth: Satisfy Your Cravings

I was recently asked by my friend Bambi Guthrie to put a piece into her exhibition last Saturday (6/4) inspired by Sweet Tooth Collective. Sweet Tooth is an awesome group of artists (Shaun Malinowski, Bob Storey, and Ricky Racket) dedicated to producing screen prints, clothing, designs, and much more. It is always so awesome to see local collectives like this rise up and gain popularity really quickly...besides, their whole product line is so fucking awesome! These are some really creative guys and I am so pumped to have been asked to be part of the show.


The theme of the show: Sweet Tooth

Title: Teething

The medium: Aerosol and Marker on Bristol

*Note - This piece is currently still FOR SALE so if you would like to notify me about purchases then you can email me here: tanner.wilson.art@gmail.com