Friday, April 22, 2011

More printed material

Here are some quick peaks at some of the printed material I've designed/photographed/help print....

Crime and Punishment Book Design

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Annual Report (Full Color, 24 pgs)

Finch Paper Brochure (Full Color, 10 pgs)

Katie Moore Business Cards

Close Only Counts "Do Bad Things" Stickers


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Student Show Work.

I finally got to take some photos of all 5 pieces that I had in the SOCA Student Exhibition...Check them out!

I will start with the photograph that I entered into the show. I haven't posted this one yet but it is one of my favorites out of the five. I basically just grabbed a camera and riled my dogs up enough to the point where they just attack each other a bunch and I ended up getting some really good photos. The poem over the piece is an excerpt from Greater Love, by Wilfred Owen.



Where Is Thy Sting?


Red Eye


Friday, April 1, 2011

Student Show Exhibition

Yesterday I turned in my final pieces for the SOCA Student Show and I am glad to have everything finished and turned in...a lot of weight and stress has been lifted from my shoulders. Out of the 5 pieces I entered, three of the paintings and one photographic print are new and unseen...the other is a piece from the Under the Cloud series. I am very pleased with my entries and even more pumped to see what crazy stuff everybody else is doing. There are so many awesome artists in this school that it is going to just be a sick show.

I am going to talk about the 3 new paintings in this post because I feel those are the main components of my entries. They all go together; measuring the same size (26"w X 3'h), painted on similarly built panels, same mediums, and the same content. The series focuses on depression, as a lot of my work does, but goes about viewing it in a completely different direction. In a way, I wanted to explore the different stages of depression...the evolution that one goes through when seriously ill. I represented deities, saviors, and kings throughout the pieces to personify the illness into something that physically controls you. Depression takes a hold of every fucking aspect of your mind and your heart and the figures represented throughout the pieces are illustrating that exact point. They are not here to save you but only to drag you down. They are the depression, the sting, and the heartbreak.

I also utilized a lot of writing in this series all over each piece, although it may be hard to see. The writings are just abstract sparks of words that convey emotions but never anything specific. I wanted it to be kind of like an uncontrollable journal of thoughts just free-flowing on to the panel. The writings help me express feelings of loneliness, confusion, and ambiguity a lot more precisely, it is how I felt at that exact moment. No censoring either...I wrote down whatever came to my mind in whatever fashion I liked. Some of the phrases are absolutely impossible to read, almost jibberish-like, while some are clearly legible. These are definitely pieces that require a good amount of close-up studying. I want the pieces to beckon the viewer to take a closer look at the painting and read it like a book. I will have to post close-up detailed photos of the pieces. I wanted to create paintings with a crazy amount of depth, not only through technical application but through content.

The pictures are kind of shitty, but I will have better ones up shortly...these were taken right before I delivered them to the school. CHYEA.

Here is everything together...ready to go:



Red Eye


Putting finishing touches on the work: