Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I recently offered to help out one of my good friends by designing some business cards to advertise her fine art. I was actually really excited to do something like this because I've wanted to design an identity for a fine artist for a long time. Most of the time, those who want business cards, logos, etc. done for them are companies or brand names...but its cool to do some promotional work for an independent painter and a long-time friend. Her work is also so fucking dope too so if you haven't checked her out yet, DO IT:

I am only showing you 2 out of the 3 cards that I made for her...but hopefully they will get printed real soon cause I am really happy with them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shirt Design w/ Paco

Recently i've linked with my friend Paco on a shirt design. He does some great screen printing at his own house and is just an overall hard-working, dedicated dude. I was definitely down to collaborate on a shirt design.

It was decided that he would create the type for the shirt and I would deal with the illustration.
I had so much fun drawing this that I want to make a million more now! But this is it for now:

(Shirts coming soon!)

I also thought I would put up a pic of the horrible shape my studio has been in lately.



I recently started the next self-portrait for my Under the Cloud series...
So far I am pretty pumped with how its turning out.
The theme remains the same.

And I had to take this photo/put it up because I love getting new paint: