Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New piece started

Tonight I started a new painting/illustration involving marker/paint/and aerosol on panel.
The piece is sacrilegious and violent.

much more to go!
Will post finished product soon.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I just sent in the finished artwork and layout for the new Close Only Counts release, Your Not Gonna Like What I Have to Say. Im super fuckin pumped on this release cause so many people have put sooo much time into it and it definitely shows. It's a giant collaboration involving all of my best friends and thats the best way to describe it. Keep your eyes peeled for a release date and the release show in order to get your hands on one of these. My good friends at Midwestern Decline are putting out the release so go check them out too:

I cant show the whole layout on here but I willshow the individual mugshots that I drew up for the band. You can fid them inside the cd. But this is the overall style I went with:


Sunday, August 1, 2010


I started this new book project a couple nights ago and so far im realllllll pumped.
The book is a somber collection of illustrative, photographic, literary, and digital work done by myself. The book is hopefully going to be a hardback with at least 25 pages of material. Its one of the first times i've real tried successfully compiling illustrative, photographic, digital, and writing into one. I also tried to stick with a much more simple design theory and not litter the page with an excess of detail and brushes and chaos. Essentially, Chlorine Nights is a visual interpretation of simple as I can put it. All pieces were drawn, photographed, written, and compiled by me.
Here's a couple peeks: