Thursday, February 25, 2010

New things...

Earlier in this blog I showed you two pieces that I had started for the Tell Tale Heart show. Those are now finished and I just picked them up today from getting some nice framework put on them. I feel that the frames really bring out that sort of Edgar Allen Poe-esque sophisticated horror feel in each piece. I wanted the pieces to be silent but quite gothic, not too loud or obnoxious...the dark, victorian frames will help get that theme across. So far it looks as though everythin is goin pretty well with all the cats on the show so i'm extremely excited for this upcoming busy April month. I have a couple more in progress so hopefully soon I can get those up here.

"Busy Busy" Ink, Oil, and Marker on Bristol

"Nerves" Graphite, Charcoal, Aerosol, and Marker on Panel

Random graphite portrait for illustration:

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Graphic project for illustration class

I am starting on my illustration project called The Dead Boys.
The Dead Boys is a illustrative compilation I have created that tells a narrative of three men who've grown up together in the same dead-end town. The city and the people are all fake and it is somewhat up to the viewer to determine his/her own story of what these characters are all about. Overall, I am conveying through graphic colors and illustration a story of lives told through cigarette smoke and chlorine street lights. The pieces convey will convey a vulgarity through boredom, routine, and hopelessness in this dead-end town.

These pieces are a way for me to express my feelings on Fort Wayne, to be stuck in a city since you were born only to see the same faces, scenery, and situations every single day. The Dead Boys is a story of 3 men that God has forgotten about.

Here is my first one so far...keep in mind the characters will have names to complete the narrative feel.

I started out with the illustration:

Then I started fuckin with it digitally and came out with a real nice graphic feel, especially with the finished logo.

Different colors?

Tell me what you think!!!