Thursday, March 29, 2012

Recent work for the DID...

Recently, I started doing graphic/illustrative work for the Downtown Improvement District (DID) and it has become very exciting seeing what new projects they have to offer me. Earlier this month, I posted the finished Downtown Kiosk flyer and I have some pictures of the piece in its casing around the city. However, one of the most exciting things that has happened to me recently was being able to design the graphic vehicle wrap for the Clean & Green program...the guys dedicated to making Downtown Fort Wayne a beautiful and trash-free environment. This was the first vehicle wrap I have done, so I was very cautious not to mess up any sort of measurements, bleeds, etc. I illustrated various leaves blowing in the wind and placed them carefully over the wheel to simulate the truck turning the leaves up as it drives. In the end, I was extremely pleased with the finished product. KEEP IT CLEAAAN!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

DID Events & Exhibitions Kiosk posters

I have recently started interning for the Downtown Improvement District on Wayne Street as their graphic designer and I have to say I really love it there. I get to work next to some really awesome people and they never stifle creativity or originality. My first task with them was creating the news events & exhibitions poster that would go in the 10 different information kiosks sitting around downtown. You may see one when your walking to the new Jimmy Johns or going into Chase Bank. Anyways, the size of these posters is 31.5" x 38.5" so it was a hefty space with a lot of text. They wanted to maintain a feel of Spring and keep the old headline but that was about all of the regulations I was given, it was great. I had so much fun designing these and I cant wait till they pop up downtown, which should be any day now.

Dirt Nap Skateboards

Hey all,

Here are a couple illustrations and skate deck designs that I have designed for a fabricated company I named, Dirt Nap Skateboards. When I was growing up before high school, skateboarding was my life and the only thing I cared about. I remember the feeling of walking into the store and seeing all of the deck designs lining the walls; whether it was the fun illustrations from Ed Templeton and Toy Machine, or the clean designs from Chocolate skateboards...I loved it all. I had a lot of fun illustrating this dude and I will be creating 3 more designs in 3 different color schemes each. Stay tuned!

Take dirt naps!

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some new things....

Just giving you guys a couple photos/updates on what I have been up to. Nothing too specific, but I really wanted to update this site with some images to ensure you all that I remain busy.

If you have the chance at 7PM on Sautrday, February 25th...make sure you make it down to the Embassy Theatre to see some great bands and some great art. I have made a couple slides for The Black Crowes, one for R.E.M., and one for Steely Dan. These slides will repeat behind the bands while the show progresses..come have fun and hang out!

a slide design done for The Black Crowes


Cover design for William Golding's powerful novel, Lord of the Flies. I absolutely love this book so it was great to do this art.


Illustration fun:

Sorry for the long wait!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Speak Easy Media Promo Products

I recently designed a large array of promotional products for SEM and I just picked up a big bundle of them from the printers today. This set includes two different business card designs and a no.12 envelope header. Im really digging these....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Possible Conspiracy Deck...

For a while I have been nagging Conspiracy Boutique about letting Speak Easy do a deck design/illustration for them. Usually, it ends with them just telling me to shut up and make it already so I did just that. I was feeling a bit delusional and considering the lack of sleep I have had lately, I feel that I can particularly connect to this illustration. I had a lot of fun drawing this dude out and laying in the colors, hopefully you will see it in print down the road!

"Things are fucked up inside my mind!" - Carry on

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Other misc. and things to look out for...

Soon.......very soon. I am very proud to say that the two releases that my friends and I have been working so hard on are finally coming to a wrap. Life After Death's Scum of Society Forever and of course, Close Only Counts' DO BAD THINGS. I will keep everybody posted on when these will be hitting the streets but make sure you have money in your pockets for these ones because they feature the some of the best talent in this city. Both of these albums were completely done DIY with minimal funds and extremely patient people. I am proud to have Speak Easy Media play a big role in creating these monstrous releases and I cannot wait to see them in person. I have had such a blast creating the artwork, layout, and taking the photography that I feel extremely confident in these albums.

Close Only Counts DO BAD THINGS

Life After Death Scum of Society Forever

Other news....
As always, I am updating my portfolio constantly for this senior year and thought I would just give you guys a little sneak-a-boo...

Plus more paintings on the way soon...