Sunday, October 24, 2010

Available to do work...

If you guys know anybody that needs some illustration, digital, layout, etc. work done, get in contact with me!
I will definitely respond to any email or facebook message:

I work for reasonable prices and remain flexible with the client's ideas, directions, or concepts.
If you would like to see a resume, I would gladly send you one.



Monday, October 18, 2010

Printed matter

Here is my submission for the new tri-fold brochure from Artlink.
For those of you who don't know, Artlink is an awesome spot in Fort Wayne for upcoming local artists and its reeaaall cheap to become a member so you definitely should. They have a bunch of exhibitions all year round too.
This was an awesome opportunity for me to experiment with type and layout. Layout and type can be some of the most frustrating things in design due to the minute details. However, I had a lot of fun creating the brochure and I hope they pick it.

Here is the a better view:


Also, I had to post the Close Only Counts cd because it was definitely one of the most time-consuming yet rewarding pieces i've done in a while. I had so much fun doing this project that when it finally came out in print I literally couldn't believe how awesome the whole thing turned out. The printing company did an awesome job and the recordings sound good as fuck. The whole process and the record in itself was such a success in my opinion.

Btw im not gonna post the whole album just the front and the back so YOU HAVE TO BUY IT!

some scanner work...

I did these three little quick scanner compilations tonight for class and they turned out pretty awesome.
All of the images I used were cut out of either Vogue Magazine, W Magazine, and a couple other women's fashion magazines. To me, nowadays, I feel that women are exposed to so much authority telling them how to look, what to wear, what body parts to show, and what to eat. Even though I am a graphic designer, the world of advertising becomes sickening to me at many times. I have to respect the magazines for their skills in photography, graphic design, and layout but the content that comes packaged up in these magazines are mostly fucking ridiculous. There are fashion ads for BVLGARI that have a woman naked on the beach with an exotic snake wrapped around her face, what does this have to do with fashion anymore? I feel we have that these magazines have lost their original direction and are somewhat to blame for our constant self-conscious mentality.

So i dissected the women, flowers, and some of the text from the magazines and placed them in the scanner. Then I added some digital flavor.