Wednesday, January 26, 2011

YM3 Design

I was recently commissioned by the group You Make Me Musick, to do a profile and logo design for their new work. The group consists of two extremely talented dudes, Josh Brown and Jamaris Tubbs, and they were more than awesome to work with. I was also excited because I never really get to do any work for hip-hop artists and that bums me out cause I love hip hop music. But, there are always times to do work that you don't normally get to create and that's always cool. So here are a couple examples of the logo and profile design work I did for them:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Short Artist Profile Video

Sorry it has been so long since my last update...the holiday season has rendered me rather lethargic and sleepy. But, now that I am back on my feet I would like to introduce a short artist bio about me done by my two BEST friends Brian Hollars and Eric Pennycoff. These two dudes are deeply involved in the art of filmmaking and both have an incredible gift when it comes to getting behind the camera. Both helped shoot the interview but each one edited their own version, this one being Brian Hollars' version. Eric Pennycoff's version will be up here very soon!

Anyways, they basically set me up in my studio and we essentially just started talking about art. What I like to convey, what it means to me, who are my influences, etc. I was nervous at first but ended up having so much fucking fun with the process!

Brian Hollars, a third-year Telecommunications major at Ball State University, has been my dude since the first grade. He just finished a summer internship in LA and has so many good ideas brewing. Most of his work can be found here, on his Vimeo page:

Eric Pennycoff happens to be my roommate and a third year Film major at The University of Saint Francis. He has just returned from an arduous semester in Brooklyn working with Glass Eye Pix on set. He has always been my best friend and his version will soon be posted! Stay tuned...

Anyway, we had so much fun making this and I hope you guys enjoy them.

Tanner Wilson Art Profile from Brian Hollars on Vimeo.