Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Holy shit! School has ended and summer has began...time to do some real awesome art and get nutty! I started off this summer with a drawing for the June 3rd Sharpie Show at Artlink on E. Berry Street and im so fucking pumped about it. It felt so good to just do a laid-back and fun illustration without sweating so much about content. Im still debating on what to name the drawing but its going to be along the lines of 4 Dudes One Stick

And of course, Daniel Dienelt, Dusty Neal, and I have alot of work on our hands this summer:


That's right, copies of Chlorine Nights are available at Conspiracy Skate Shop and Boutique in downtown Fort Wayne for only $15. Conspiracy is a breath of fresh air to Fort Wayne and is always willing to help out local artists by constantly putting on galleries and selling artist's work. The dudes are all real down-to-earth and its just an awesome atmosphere in that place. If you have time, you should make the short trip down to 1934 S. Calhoun St.