Thursday, November 17, 2011

Speak Easy Media Promo Products

I recently designed a large array of promotional products for SEM and I just picked up a big bundle of them from the printers today. This set includes two different business card designs and a no.12 envelope header. Im really digging these....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Possible Conspiracy Deck...

For a while I have been nagging Conspiracy Boutique about letting Speak Easy do a deck design/illustration for them. Usually, it ends with them just telling me to shut up and make it already so I did just that. I was feeling a bit delusional and considering the lack of sleep I have had lately, I feel that I can particularly connect to this illustration. I had a lot of fun drawing this dude out and laying in the colors, hopefully you will see it in print down the road!

"Things are fucked up inside my mind!" - Carry on

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Other misc. and things to look out for...

Soon.......very soon. I am very proud to say that the two releases that my friends and I have been working so hard on are finally coming to a wrap. Life After Death's Scum of Society Forever and of course, Close Only Counts' DO BAD THINGS. I will keep everybody posted on when these will be hitting the streets but make sure you have money in your pockets for these ones because they feature the some of the best talent in this city. Both of these albums were completely done DIY with minimal funds and extremely patient people. I am proud to have Speak Easy Media play a big role in creating these monstrous releases and I cannot wait to see them in person. I have had such a blast creating the artwork, layout, and taking the photography that I feel extremely confident in these albums.

Close Only Counts DO BAD THINGS

Life After Death Scum of Society Forever

Other news....
As always, I am updating my portfolio constantly for this senior year and thought I would just give you guys a little sneak-a-boo...

Plus more paintings on the way soon...

Saint Francis' Associates Degree Posters

Recently, we were asked to come up with two poster designs for the new Associates Degree program in Music Technology and Communication Arts and Graphic Design at Saint Francis. These posters were going to be sent out by the school to all of the high schools in the surrounding Fort Wayne area to let potential students know that they can now graduate in two years with an Associates in either of the two fields. I knew I wanted to design something that really appealed to a high school student so I had a lot of fun coming up with these layouts. I am extremely grateful that my poster designs were chosen to be printed so if you are a high school student roaming the lonely hallways, keep your eyes peeled for these bad boys!

Each poster folds out to 18"x24"

October/November Updates (Shitlist)

I haven't had the time in the past couple weeks to update this place due to a busy schedule and the harsh realities of life. However, I just wanted to let everybody know that I am still on the grind! So just because you aren't seeing new pieces everyday, doesn't mean I'm not working on anything. September and October were extremely hectic months with a bunch of new projects to work on and much more school work. I will start off this update by saying if you haven't gotten your copy of Shitlist's Self-Titled cassette release that my dudes at Blackheart Mountain Collective put out, then you are definitely missing out. Nothing is better than some good, hearty, wholesome, and pissed off grind. All of these guys are my good friends as well, so doing the illustration and layout for this release was an honor. There is another page on the back of the cover but you'll have to buy the tape to peep it!