Thursday, March 10, 2011

Black Cloud...

I have been asked by Dusty Neal to participate in a collaborative art zine, Black Cloud, featuring more than 25 awesome artists. The cover of this book will be in color while its pages remain a potent black and white. Each artist is to submit about 2-3 spreads (4-6 pgs) of artwork to this 6x9" collaboration and so far I cannot wait to see this in print. Some of the artists include Give up., Eric Tarr, Nathan Abels, Aaron Minier, Patrick Taylor, Dusty Neal, Ryan Pickard, Nate Click, Dan Eells, Nick Fabini, and so many more!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates about this zine.
Here is a mock-up image of what the cover will resemble (w/ new photography)...made by Dusty from Sistine Press:

Hopefully we will see a bunch of progress by middle-may.

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