Friday, March 18, 2011


Finally, it has seemed like I have been working on this book for 4 years now...going through printing issues, price dilemmas, miscommunications. However, it is now complete and ready for purchasing. For those of you who do not know, Chlorine Nights is essentially a visual interpretation of depression complete with illustration, photography, collage, and a bit of writing. My goal was to reach out and express something that is nearly impossible to express. The feelings, emotions, and helplessness of depression can seem so fucking overwhelming at times that I feel it is only necessary to try and create a body of work that people can relate to.

Chlorine Nights comes shipped in a 100% recycled envelope with a "CN" stencil stamped across the front. The front and back cover are printed on a white 80lb cover paper while the pages are completely black and printed on 80lb text paper. The entire book is 8x10" and full color. Get your copy here:

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