Friday, February 5, 2010

New Graphic project for illustration class

I am starting on my illustration project called The Dead Boys.
The Dead Boys is a illustrative compilation I have created that tells a narrative of three men who've grown up together in the same dead-end town. The city and the people are all fake and it is somewhat up to the viewer to determine his/her own story of what these characters are all about. Overall, I am conveying through graphic colors and illustration a story of lives told through cigarette smoke and chlorine street lights. The pieces convey will convey a vulgarity through boredom, routine, and hopelessness in this dead-end town.

These pieces are a way for me to express my feelings on Fort Wayne, to be stuck in a city since you were born only to see the same faces, scenery, and situations every single day. The Dead Boys is a story of 3 men that God has forgotten about.

Here is my first one so far...keep in mind the characters will have names to complete the narrative feel.

I started out with the illustration:

Then I started fuckin with it digitally and came out with a real nice graphic feel, especially with the finished logo.

Different colors?

Tell me what you think!!!

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