Monday, February 7, 2011

Collab Pieces w/ Daniel Dienelt & Dusty Neal

I recently got involved in a couple collaboration pieces with a two good Fort Wayne friends of mine: Daniel Dienelt and Dusty Neal. With abstract style, each of us add our own touch to the pieces and when it seems suitable to the artist, it is passed to the next dude. Anything goes in this game. As Daniel explained to me, there are no rules on what to draw, paint, scratch, cut, spray, etc. Every artist's touch is accepted and hopefully throughout time, the piece starts to come alive with a ton of flavor. The goal is to get each artist's style to start interacting with the next through abstraction and expression. It was originally started between Dusty and Daniel but I asked both of them if I could get in on the action and they were definitely we made it happen. So far I've been having soooo much fun with this project and I am thankful to be a part of it!

Daniel Dienelt is currently rebuilding his portfolio sites (I will post his site up shortly)

Dusty Neal

Here are previews of two of the pieces so far:

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