Monday, June 28, 2010

New Studio

Recently Eric and I moved our asses into a sweet slab downtown and fortunately, it had an awesome upstairs room that was perfect for a nice little studio. Its an awesome environment to produce work in and I love having a place to store all of my shit. Another thing that's cool about it is that its kinda hidden back behind the kitchen outta sight so its like my own little pad where I can cry and cut myself and masturbate. One down side is that it is summer and it gets SO FUCKING HOT up there sometimes that I cant even work up there. Anyways, I took some pics of it.



A coupla gems!

Some leftovers from sculpture this summer

Got this in Italy. Red book from Mao in Italian.

Some other tight photo books I recently ordered

Traditional Pinocchio print from Italy. Incest.

Here's a retard dog that Dusty drew me lol

Some dumb shit I drew

Also, the back door of the studio opens up to the an attic equipped with an exhaust fan. Spray and Storage room? I think so

My framed magazine cut-out of a Mr. Choe.