Sunday, June 13, 2010

More work in photo: Westwood

During the second semester I did a photo documentary mini-series on Westwood Lanes off of Jefferson. I asked permission of the owner to just basically chill around all day long and take pictures. So day after day I just took pictures, drank beer, and befriended the local employees.
Westwood Lanes has been a landmark in Fort Wayne ever since I have been born and to this day still remains exactly the same. I remember goin there when I was like fuckin 6 years old with my dad but I never really understood its importance in the city until I really thought about it. Westwood Lanes is constantly oozing with so much damn culture that it's impossible to NOT get amazing pictures. On weekdays during the day it’s completely dead or filled with dedicated league bowlers. On Fridays and Saturdays it becomes filled to the brim with teenagers, families, couples, the elderly, the rich, and the poor. I got aspects of the people and the surroundings caught in b&w film.

Craig ended up showing me the back of the bowling alley which was fucking ridiculously awesome.

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