Monday, September 5, 2011

Speak Easy Media.

Over the past year or two, myself and four of my good friends have been plotting and putting together ideas for a company that would benefit a client in so many different areas of art and design. I have always enjoyed working alongside my friends with many of the same clients and we have always seen eye to eye on everything. I thought to myself, why cant I continue to produce good work with these guys forever? Eric Pennycoff, Matt Riefler, Eric Romary, and Corey Purvis are some of my closest dudes and I am glad to finally call these guys my co-workers.

Speak Easy is:
Tanner Wilson (art/design)
Corey Purvis (art/design)
Eric Pennycoff (film, editor)
Matt Riefler (recording engineer)
Eric Romary (recording engineer)

This agency will be like a one-stop-shop for companies looking for work. Instead of looking around the market for artists, musicians, and/or filmmakers, Speak Easy will have everything within one name. From now on, we will all be stamping Speak Easy on every single piece of work we produce. I will keep everybody updated on upcoming projects, website, merchandise, and work!

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